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Press Release Ahlulbait Indonesia Condemns All Terrorism Acts around the World

Press Release Ahlulbait Indonesia Condemns All Terrorism Acts around the World

Ahlulbait Indonesia Condemns All Terrorism Acts around the World

Islamic Organization of Ahlulbait Indonesia in contemplation month of birth of the Prophet Muhammad 1436 H, who was sent as the last Messenger of Allah as mercy to the universe and the religion of peace and love herewith states:

1. Always condemns the killing of Palestinian citizens and the annexation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli occupation.

2. Condemns Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain over the arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman, Al-Wefaq Secretary General on December 28, 2014 and the crackdown on peaceful protest demanding a democracy.

3. Disclaims and condemns the movement Takfirism (ISIS / ISIL / IS) who has been committing acts of terror and murder of innocent Muslims, Christians, and any religious people in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and France.

4. Condemns the government’s harsh crackdown on peaceful protest in United States.

5. In order to keep NKRI we support the efforts of the Indonesian government in its efforts to stop and prohibit the development of understanding Takfirism ideologically congruent with ISIS / ISIL / IS.

6. Condemns hard harassment of religious symbols in the name of freedom of expression.

7. Calls for the entire figure and components of Muslim Ummah to strengthen our ranks and built a strong brotherhood in the face of the enemy of religion and humanity.


Jakarta, January 13th 2015

Ahlulbait Indonesia


Mr. Hassan Alaydrus


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